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Pitch Media specializes in providing PR services and media consulting to technological, internet and start-up companies in the Israeli market. Founded by Gil Kraiem, the company accompanies various companies in the field of technology beginning with large hi-tech companies, start-ups, consultation firms and different enterprises in the field. One might think that having the most incredible product in the world can create the buzz BUT without knowing how or who to tell about it, then it is doubtful that anyone will even hear about it. In order to obtain the attention of the press, who are constantly flooded with enormous amounts of information, it is required to create a good story about it: one that they can relate to, that will ignite their imagination, so that they will talk about it andperform favorable actions on your part. A good story is first and foremost a story about people.

We aim to do this.

Our services include:

Media Relations

PR strategy plan – positioning and messaging

 Media training

 Content marketing

 Social media

Event and trade shows support

Launches and penetration support

 Influence marketing

PR workshops and lectures

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